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Nothing stops Pedowitz Machinery Movers New Jersey Trucking and Rigging specialists.

This press is a 300 ton Neagari Powered Metals Press that weight 90,000 pounds. Check out this time lapse photography straight from China Grove NC.

The pros from Pedowitz, responsible for moving the Hitachi press, begin by conducting a site assessment, evaluating both the current location of the press and its destination. This assessment considers factors like access points, floor strength, and potential obstacles.

Depending on the location and the press’s size, the necessary permits and clearances from local authorities must be obtained.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers Hitachi Metals China Grove NC

If needed, the press may be partially or fully disassembled by Pedowitz to facilitate the move, with components carefully labeled for reassembly later.

Properly securing and preparing the press for transport is crucial, which may involve bracing, securing loose parts, and protecting sensitive components.

The Pedowitz team selects suitable equipment for the task, such as heavy-duty forklifts, cranes, or specialized transport vehicles designed for moving heavy machinery.

Rigging and lifting are performed by Pedowitz using lifting straps, chains, or other lifting devices capable of handling the press’s weight. Cranes or forklifts are then used to lift the press onto a transport vehicle.

The Hitachi press is securely placed on a specialized transport vehicle, such as a low-loader trailer or a flatbed truck designed for heavy loads.

Transportation to the new location follows, with careful route planning by Pedowitz to avoid obstacles, low clearances, and other potential issues.

Upon reaching the destination, the press is carefully unloaded by the Pedowitz team, and they reassemble it according to the labeling and documentation created during disassembly.

Testing and calibration may be required after reassembly by Pedowitz to ensure that the Hitachi press functions correctly and meets operational specifications.

Finally, a final inspection is conducted by Pedowitz to ensure that the press is correctly and safely set up in its new location.

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