What Trucking & Rigging Company Is The Best At Hauling Oversize Cargo Like a Forging Press In New Jersey?

Pedowitz Machinery Movers: Mastering the Move of Oversized Cargo in Northern New Jersey A Colossal Task: Moving a Forging Press

When tasked with moving a colossal forging press, Pedowitz Machinery Movers in Lebanon, NJ, faced a significant challenge. The press components were separated into two massive crates, each 14 feet wide and weighing 82,000 lbs and 75,000 lbs respectively. Ensuring their safe and smooth transport to a customer’s facility in New Jersey required meticulous planning and specialized expertise.

Starting the Journey: Securing at the Port

The journey began at the bustling port of Newark, NJ. Here, our team secured the two hefty crates, understanding that the size and weight of these cargo giants demanded utmost care. To navigate the New Jersey roads safely, we enlisted both local and police escorts. Their expertise was crucial in safeguarding our team, other motorists, and the precious cargo.

Precision Offloading and Placement

Upon reaching the customer’s facility, the real challenge began. Our rigging crew, equipped with two powerful 80/100-ton forklifts capable of handling 100,000 lbs each, meticulously offloaded the crates. The precision work didn’t stop there. The crew carefully uncrated the disassembled press components and expertly maneuvered the individual pieces inside the facility, placing them exactly as directed by the customer.


Commitment to Exceptional Service

This successful delivery underscores our unwavering commitment to exceptional service, particularly for oversized and complex cargo. From the initial pick-up at the port to the final placement within the customer’s facility, each step involved meticulous planning, specialized equipment, and a highly skilled team. Pedowitz Machinery Movers ensures that every large-scale project receives the focused attention it deserves, regardless of dimensions or weight.

Expertise in Fabrication, Crating, and Packaging

Behind the scenes, the seamless delivery of the forging press was also a testament to our expertise in fabrication, custom crating, and packaging solutions. Standard crates often fall short for oversized or oddly shaped equipment. Our skilled fabricators design and build custom crates tailored to the exact dimensions and weight of your equipment, ensuring a snug fit that minimizes movement during transport.

Custom Crating and Packaging Solutions

We go beyond simple boxes. Understanding that every piece of equipment has unique vulnerabilities, our specialists design custom crating solutions incorporating appropriate materials and support structures. This can include internal bracing, strategically placed cushioning, or weatherproofing measures depending on the specific equipment and transportation route.

Packaging is equally critical. Our team employs meticulous packaging procedures, using specialized materials like shock-absorbing foam, strapping techniques to prevent shifting, and weatherproof wrapping for outdoor transport. These measures ensure all components are secured and protected during transport.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers Trucking Rigging Company Hauling Oversize Press New Jersey 9a
Pedowitz Machinery Movers Trucking Rigging Company Hauling Oversize Press New Jersey 8a
Pedowitz Machinery Movers Trucking Rigging Company Hauling Oversize Press New Jersey 9a

A One-Stop Solution for Complex Relocations

By combining these areas of expertise, Pedowitz Machinery Movers guarantees your oversized equipment arrives safely and on time. We eliminate the worries associated with complex relocations, providing a comprehensive solution for fabrication, custom crating, packaging, and rigging.

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Pedowitz Machinery Movers in Northern New Jersey exemplifies excellence in handling oversized cargo. Our recent successful delivery of a forging press demonstrates our meticulous planning, specialized equipment, and skilled team. Whether it’s through precision fabrication, custom crating, or expert rigging, we ensure your large-scale projects receive the attention and care they deserve.