Why do you need a specialty trucking company for wrapping, packaging, shipping and transporting machinery. Do they need a special license to work as a port trucking company?

Specialty trucking companies are indeed equipped with the necessary tools, experience, and licenses to handle the wrapping, packaging, shipping, and transporting of machinery. Using a specialty company for these services has several benefits and is sometimes a requirement due to various reasons including safety regulations, expertise needed, and the specialized equipment involved. Here’s why using a specialty trucking company can be important:

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  1. Safety Regulations:

    • Specialized Licenses: Depending on the jurisdiction, the transportation of heavy machinery may require special licenses and adherence to strict safety regulations to ensure safe transit.
    • Training: Specialty companies often have drivers and operators who are specifically trained to handle heavy machinery, ensuring safety at every step of the process.
  2. Expertise:

    • Proper Packaging: The packaging of machinery is crucial to prevent damages during transportation. Specialty trucking companies have the expertise to package machinery properly, utilizing the appropriate materials and techniques.
    • Custom Solutions: These companies can provide custom solutions based on the specific requirements of the machinery to be transported.
  3. Specialized Equipment:

    • Equipment Handling: Handling heavy machinery often requires specialized equipment, which is not available with regular trucking companies.
    • Proper Wrapping: Specialty trucking companies have the necessary materials and equipment for proper wrapping to protect machinery from environmental elements during transportation.
  4. Insurance:

    • Coverage: Transporting heavy machinery involves a high level of risk, and specialty trucking companies often have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your machinery during transit.
  5. Logistics:

    • Route Planning: These companies can handle the logistics of transporting heavy machinery, including route planning to avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and other potential obstacles.
    • Port Operations: If the machinery needs to be transported through a port, specialty trucking companies may have the necessary permits and know-how of port operations to ensure smooth transit.

To work as a port trucking company, a specialty trucking company might require specific licenses and approvals, which would vary depending on the specific regulations of the port authority and the jurisdiction in which the port is located. It’s always recommended to check the specific requirements with the respective port authority or a legal expert in the field.

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