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No matter what language, Cable drum transport takes careful consideration and planning. We ship oversize loads, wide loads, and even superloads across the U.S. and overseas. Now you may have seen these gigantic spools of cable before but not really known what they were. They’re called cable drums.

Cable drums are round spools that electrical cables and fiber optic cables are wound around. Whether storing them or shipping them, cable drums are used to move and store all kinds of wire products as well as fiber optic cables and electrical cables.

Pedowitz has worked on lots of infrastructure projects from airports, tunnels, highways and for clients like the MTA in New York / New Jersey, and for the GSA (General Services Administration) on a national level. We are fully vetted by Homeland Security, the TSA and have the property clearances.

So if you need to transport cable drums from a manufacturer to a warehouse to end user, trust Pedowitz. Oversized freight with irregular dimensions require special handling to prevent damage to both the cable and the drum. That’s why you can rely on our decades of experience to be your turnkey solutions provider for cable drum transport.

Keep in mind that when looking for a partner for cable drum transport, special considerations need to be taken into account. For instance each state has its own guidelines when it comes to permitting requirements for oversized loads. You can take a look at ourĀ PILOT CAR DOCUMENTS HERE.

Remember when it comes to Cable Drum and Wire Transport for Power Plants in Massachusetts or anywhere else, call Pedowitz.

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And of course when it comes to Cable Drum and Wire Transport for Power Plants in Massachusetts