Fine Art Sculpture Rigging NYC Thomas Paine Park Manhattan NYC

Public art is essential to the vitality and vibrance of any urban landscape. The textbook definition is “an artwork in any medium, planned and executed outside a gallery context and intended specifically for exhibition within public space.”

Public spaces are generally open and accessible to all, and every now and then you get a surprise. We don’t ask, we just get the job done. It isn’t very often where we are at a loss for words (to describe a job). We have rigged and set in place totems, sculptures, murals, memorials, and more.

But we’ve never rigged a giant up a humongous wood sphere. But we deal with this every day. In fact if you want to get the low down on our NYC Rigging services GO HERE.


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Remember when it comes sculpture art for public space rigging NYC project managers call Pedowitz.