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Transporting transformers can be quite challenging. Their often large and bulky dimension as well as heavy weight pose unique challenges and requirements in order to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Current road, rail, and port conditions are such that transportation transformers is taking more time and becoming more expensive.

Although rail transport is most common, LPTs cannot be transferred over normal rail cars, because they cannot be rolled down a hill or bumped into other rail cars, which can damage the power transformer. This is because the heaviest load a railroad normally carries is about 100 tons, or 200,000 lb, whereas an LPT can weight two to three times that.

In this case, Pedowitz has been called on by the Master Riggers on a particular aspect of the redesign of the Manhattan 34th Street Post Office. The company knows that they can trust Pedowitz Machinery Movers because transporting transformers on the road requires obtaining special permits as well as route design acuity from the department of transportation. By the way the process for this is pretty much different in each state.

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