Antique Railcar Redbird Line NY to NJ


Bystronics is perhaps the gold standard when it comes to press brakes.

When it comes to metal fabrication, press brakes are an important too (especially when it comes to sheet metal bending).

This particular machine is a big one weighing over 50,000 pounds. It’s interesting to note however that our driver is grossing 113,000 lbs.

These photos were taken on a job that involved the transportation of this exact press brake from Port Charleston SC to Huron, SD.

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Remember, when Charleston South Carolina shop managers need rigging and transportation of a machine as valuable (and heavy) as a Bystronics press brake they call Pedowitz.

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If you need to ship a giant sized Bystronics Press Brake from Charleston SC to South Dakota or anywhere else, trust the professionals at Pedowitz Machinery Movers.